Bordered 2020

  1. Alluvium, Bordered, photograph, 2020
  2. Colluvium, Bordered, photograph, 2020
  3. Mercia Mudstone, Bordered, photograph, 2020
  4. Head, Bordered, photograph, 2020
  5. Greensand, Bordered, photograph, 2020
  6. Clay-with-flints, Bordered, photograph, 2020

‘Since the Covid-19 lockdown like all of us I’ve been concerned about many things: family, friends, work as well as society’s inequalities that crises like this show every day, as we obsess about statistics. To be honest I’ve struggled to make work, often feeling guilty about how privileged many of us are to have ample space to live and beautiful landscapes to roam through. One or both of my daughters have often accompanied my daily walks or cycles. We’ve travelled locally, rurally, continuously talking, sometimes sketching, sometimes taking photographs, but definitely talking a lot. I live in Devon a few miles from the Somerset border, and so this work relates to the nearest part of Somerset to my home. In many ways it takes me back to the Blackdown Hills ‘Border’ project I was part of many years ago.

Over the last couple of years I’ve made work that relates to the geology of landscapes, and this new work is no different, it consists of 6 images, and their geological survey colours, representing the six geological deposits found just over the border in Somerset. I’ve placed these mapped areas over landscape images taken of the same geology captured locally in Devon on my walks and cycles. An extra layer features the unavoidable headlines we are currently surrounded by everyday.’

Tim Martin, 21 May 2020